Excursion and leisure activities


Burg Eltz

Eltz Castle is the best preserved castle in Germany. Its view from the outside is breathtaking and always worth a hike.

From April 1 until the beginning of November, Eltz Castle opens its doors every year and you can also visit the courtyard and part of the well-preserved castle rooms.

The suspension rope bridge in Mörsdorf

We have tested the hanging rope bridge “Geierlay” for you and “wow” – should you be free from giddiness, it is the perfect destination!

The total length of the bridge is 360 m, the maximum total height is 100 m above the ground. It is a fascinating experience on this very slightly swaying bridge.

It takes about 40 minutes by car to get to Mörsdorf. On the spot, two approx. 1.8 km long hiking trails lead to the bridge.

A trip to the Moselle: Cochem

Cochem is about 25 km away and is one of the most popular destinations for our guests. A “must be” here is definitely the visit of the Reichsburg Cochem. The castle complex is a summit castle visible from afar and the landmark of Cochem.

On the way with children, of course, the wildlife and leisure park Klotten above Cochem is recommended. You can combine this visit with the chairlift that goes up to the Pinnerkreuz. From there it is a 20 minute walk to the amusement park.

The town itself invites you with its nice old town, wine bars and wine tastings then to end the evening. 

Boat tours on the Moselle

A great experience are the boat tours on the Moselle offered in the surrounding area. Directly two providers are in only 12 to 13 km away in Alken or Treis Karden. Both providers run regular tours from April to October to Zell, Cochem and Koblenz, where you can discover and experience the magnificent panorama of the beautiful Moselle valley and much more.

The passenger ship Goldstück also offers occasional tours in the off-season.

Wildlife and amusement park Klotten/Eifelpark Kobern-Gondorf

The two adventure parks offers a unique combination of amusement park and animal park with many attractions and wild animals. In the falconry you can experience various birds of prey and owls up close in impressive bird of prey flight demonstrations.


Discover the legendary race track at the Nürburgring. The Nürburgring is a legend as one of the most traditional, longest, most demanding and busiest race tracks in the world. Numerous visitors experience here every year beside music and sport events above all motor sport in pure culture with racing events.

Amateurs and professionals from a wide range of racing classes compete here with their vehicles on two courses: the traditional Nordschleife with a length of 20.832 kilometers and the modern 5.148-kilometer Grand Prix circuit.

Maria Laach Monastery

Maria Laach was founded in 1093. Since then, it has been a place with spiritual charisma and, especially today, a center of attraction for many people. The centerpiece of the monastery complex is the six-tower basilica. It is considered one of the most beautiful Romanesque monuments in the country.

Leisure activities

Hiking through the beautiful Maifeld

Our accommodations are located in the middle of the dream trails of Rhineland-Palatinate and many hiking trails in the Maifeld. Two of the most beautiful hiking trails are even right on our doorstep: The dream trail Eltzer Burgpanorama and the Pyrmonter Felsensteig were each named “Germany’s most beautiful hiking trail” in the tours category by the German hiking magazine Deutsches Wandermagazin. (See also “The surroundings”)

In late spring or in the fall months, you can experience a very special hiking vacation in Germany’s wine regions. Because at these times, wineries, associations or gastronomic establishments offer wine hikes that take place once or over several days.

Cycling in the Maifeld

For those who want to explore the Maifeld faster, there are almost 30 km of inline skating, biking and hiking trails along the former historic railroad line on car-free and almost flat paths. These great paths are protected by a hedge planting, so that the driving fun is increased even more. Together with likewise easily navigable farm tracks, there is a network of around 100 km of routes in the Maifeld.

Winter sports in Arft

Winter sports for young and old in the ski area at the foot of the Raßberg, which is only 34 km from the Lilienhof. In addition to the slopes and the 450m long toboggan run, a ski and snowboard fun park was opened in 2010. To warm up after a long day, a ski hut invites you at the valley station. 

Covered wagon rides on the Moselle

Experience freedom and nature around Cochem and its surroundings. You will enjoy entertaining, social hours and wonderful views. Combine the trip with a stay in the town of Cochem/Moselle, a hike, a boat trip on the Moselle, a wine tasting, a good meal, with coffee and cake, a chairlift ride, a medieval Gasterey at the Reichsburg Cochem, a visit to the wildlife and leisure park Klotten or many other activities.

Cochem chairlift

Experience unique leisure fun on the Moselle! Drive up to one of the most beautiful viewpoints over Cochem, the Pinner-Kreuz. In addition to open double chairs, canopy chairs are also available, which can be closed depending on the weather. At 0.8 m per second, you will reach the top station after 360 m, which is located at an altitude of 255 m above sea level. In total, 155 meters of altitude are covered.

Mini golf in Kobern-Gondorf

You can expect 15 lovingly and detailed designed courses with different levels of difficulty for young and old. In addition, the catering area offers you the possibility to have drinks or food.

Swimming in Münstermaifeld and surroundings

For cooling off and swimming fun in summer, there are several swimming/outdoor pools to choose from in Münstermaifeld and the surrounding area. There is something for big and small.

Wine tasting

A true feast for wine lovers… Wine is one of the oldest cultural assets of mankind and the wine cultural landscape on the Moselle naturally invites to wine tasting. From our farm the following suppliers are easy to reach: